Sunday, May 16, 2010


Peter you should edit this piece when you see it and make it more compelling. Put some pictures in it. Edit my text so it better reflects the rest of our internet presence.


1. we are 'making our serious record'. Jared told us that we sounded much fuller when he saw us than when he listened to our EP, so we got some people to lend us their ears and their equipment so that we can make something that sounds kind of like that. David Kanaga is assisting.

2. we are playing at least two shows this week.
ONE: release party on Tuesday night for Red Light Blue Light and Tender Hips' records. Ours won't be done, but there might be a single or something from us. It takes place at TKE, Tender Hips go on at 9, we go on at 10.

TWO: Beta-Fest on Wednesday night at the building labeled BETA. A lot of bands are playing it. We play at 8:15 maybe.

3. We may play one more at the end of the week. that will be our 'last show in walla walla/maybe ever.' hopefully not.

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