Monday, May 7, 2012


Q: You keep alluding to something you're working on and there hasn't been any new music for a while. What's the deal?

A: Escape From Dude York
by Dude York
available via the Sounds of Sweet Nothing at our shows until we run out of copies

We spent quite some time getting this to come together, and here it is, our debut 7". It's available in a run of 500 probably 300 but we have no idea copies on white vinyl and collects five old songs at their most shining and perhaps definitive. 

Q: You're playing Northwest Folklife this year. What's up with that?

A: The good folks at Artist Home asked us to perform at the indie roots stage on Sunday. We like things that are free and all-ages, so we'll be doing that around 6 or so that day, though you should get there early to see Cumulus and Koko & the Sweetmeats and you should absolutely go see the Softies on Saturday afternoon because who knows how many more chances you'll get to do that. It's important, you know.

Q: Will you do the usual loud thing over there?

A: Not quite. We will, however, play some stuff you'll never hear again in that style/will have never heard us play before, so it should be pretty neat. 

Q: Did anyone ask you questions about any of these things, actually, or are you just having a conversation with yourself?

A: Yes. Yes.

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