Monday, April 19, 2010

new media, dudes


we have two shows on Friday this weekend

we are playing the Reid Side Lawn @ $ 4:00 pm on friday.

there "might be free tacos"

it is part of an event for the radio station KWCW
we are 'playing first' so that we can be playing while people eat their tacos
it is how we are 'cashing in'

Joe Gustav asked me about it like 2 weeks ago, and then, like, today, he asked andrew to ask me if we would be down. seems like a disconnect, i dunno. but mad props out to Joe Gustav. he is a noble dude...

we are also playing at the circus at ???P.M. (to be confirmed) later that evening on saturday

there probably are not going to be free tacos at that event.

we found this image by searching for 'don delillo fucking a bear'
if you search for 'helen mirren fucking a bear' you get a photo of her eating a sandwich in front of her oscar. helen mirren is, like, mid-fucking-bite.

'her oscar' is not suggestive. the image is not 'conventionally pornographic.'

I saw deirdre gorman in class today, and she didnt read the last post, as evidenced by her not bringing it up. it felt like i had a joke with her that she didnt know about. but also frustrating and stuff. yknow cuz i want like a ton of people to read this blog. and she interned at Melville house. so yeah,.=


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