Sunday, August 29, 2010

Whats up bros,

where have we been? damn. i dunno man, chillin, gettin' it together i suppose.
Andrew is in seattle now.
Now we aren't on Alder St. big changes dudes, i know, it's serious.

isabel saw this place by the sumit bar with Eliza and Noah Greene, saw a bunch of people around a cool looking spot and learned it was a "rock show"

when i heard that i was all like "shit" and "im so in to that. o wait, i have an idea."

long story short is that Dude York is now a "seattle band"

tight, right? right.

o and we also have more stuff.



also, we're totally ready to be in seattle and rock really hard.

you guys! we are going to take shit apart. and we want you to be there.

PS: Chelsea Clinton is a Satanist.

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  1. Start a Dude York Twitter. Both of you can write on it and we will have to guess who wrote what. I'm sure it will be really hard.