Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Seattle

Damn Dudes,

thought that u all should know, that our pal: Matt Aliabadi, has joined our band. We're not a "two-piece" now, we are a "three-piece."

matt is cool. im stoked we have a cool new person in our band.

my (peter) fb profile pic used to be a pic of matt. and for a much shorter time, his profile pic was me. my pic of him was him drunk (maybe, but also maybe not(it could have been him after he was mugged with Nadim in chicago like 2 years ago)) with words photo shopped over it: "O M fucking G"

his profile pic (of me(peter)) was me with my shotgun on the phone with him taking a photobooth pic of it to show him. it has text shopped onto it too: "Peter totally has a gun"

we have rehearsed like three times now (maybe a total of 6 hrs playing together) and we sound kinda like

a new band i guess

its pretty sweet though, i gotta be honest, we are (in a way) a 'way better band' than before.
but like before we are still SUPER DOWN (aka: as interested as possible in) playing concerts in seattle/likeanywhere.

jesus. it is raining soo hard.

i wonder if Gaurav Majumdar is going to like our band now that Matt is involved in it.

after (but maybe right before) matt graduated from college (we (andrew and i) are(were?) like a year behind) mine and andrew's English Major Advisor Gaurav Majumdar would often reference them as a hip band on campus. He wouldn't let me into his senior sem, and got along fine with andrew, so maybe now we will be cool enough for him to be 'in' to us.

most likely is that Matt was way better at English Major than either myself or Andrew (Andrew was pretty good at it)

last night after band practice and diner with my parents and sister at my house andrew and i went to a bar in ballard, (look, i already did a google search of Hazelwood to find the website, but gave up)

here is the point though, dude, because we got raffle tix at the bar, and then out of NOWHERE i won two xbox 360 games. and we decided that andrew was going to sell them, maybe. or maybe they will be nice gifts later.

new recordings coming soon, maybe a tape ep will be released soon. we talked about it for like >5 seconds.

i have thought of a good title : DYT

(dude york, tight.)


  1. Does this mean you have to change your bad name to Duder York? Or maybe White French People? Or Briter Futures? I can't wait for you guys to get a gig and you for you to document that. Lastly, Sick PHOTO!

  2. damn. im so glad you commented here, i'm partial to white french people. the photo is from Today and Tomorrow, some like arty blog i steal pictures from. i miss u real bad. i wanna skype soon.