Saturday, October 2, 2010


Damn Dudes,
last night Matt and I saw The Social Network.
Movie was so good. damn.

Matt told me that, when approached, Aaron Sorkin wrote a 200 paged screen play. As it goes, usually 1 page dialogue = 1 minute of film. The studio was all like "get that shit out of here dog"
but David Fincher was like "no"
and then he was like, "Aaron Sorkin: read this to me as fast as you can, I am going to time you"
and it took a little under two hours, and David Fincher was like "and that is how we are going to make this movie"

Jesse Eisenberg (solid actor, Squid and the Whale (tight), Zombieland (pretty tight (saw that shit with Nadim and he cried in the car afterwards listening to Sinead O'Connor Nothing Compares 2 U))) was hella good at Mark Zuckerberg.

before the movie we wrote a song. it was tight. it has some good stuff in it about JFK (not the airport). in fact, it is all about JFK. for those of you who listened to White Vowels (dont) it is something of a "re-write" of the song Come On Come On. It's going to be like Don Delillo the song. LIBRA (not the DC comics villain in Final Crisis though dudes, keep it straight).
Matt and I talked about
david bowie and brian eno and some other '70s kinda bros. I learned hella. matt has a lot of facts.

got to go dudes.

i have to go watch all of the Red Riding Trilogy.

I guess the band is going to 'get into' England more now that Matt is in the band.
(that really is a guess, this is not: Dude york is going to get a lot more 'structured.')

what do you think of this:
DYT (like PYT (the michael jackson song on thriller) but instead of pretty young thing, DYT = Dude York, Tight (did i already blog about this? fuck.)).


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