Sunday, March 20, 2011


thank you to all the people who came out last night and saw us. it was really fun, that is a great place, i cant believe i had never been there.

also great were all the new faces. really chill people got wild. it was rad. lots of good energy. new songs got played.

we are real close to a record (btw)

what should it look like? can people comment on this blog even? idk.

what should the record look like? u, the friends: decide! (plz)

sons of neptune set up the show with the josephine last night, and it was great, they made this really sick poster for it, dude york had a sweet coma in it, and an exclamation point at the end, really sweet lashey eye balls floating and stuff
they sounded great, they wore hats via desire era bob dylan
and sounded like CAN. they were the shit. really good performers.

the show next week is going to be really sweet i think. if ur in high school come check it out.

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