Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mars Hill Church

this is what dude york looked like:
when we played at the location of the Mars Hill Cult in ballard on leary. it was crazy!

Last night, before Andy and Isabel and I went out to go see Joe Waine, Pascal, and his bro, perform a Temple Vibe set, we did a little show of our own

Austin, my guitar student, gave me a flier and we emailed the people, and got the gig i guess

it was really crazy.

they hated us, those metal core kids were crazy for anything but some DYT

they were like "go away, we don't know what you mean when you...."

our stuff might have been a little "misdirected" at them

need to have shows where more older people come maybe. in two weeks, we will release an ep (maybe)(maybe because it might be a record, and that it also might be like ~ 4 weeks or something, idk)

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