Saturday, April 16, 2011

andrew come back to seattle!

hey yall,

just studying with underwear-scarlet-johnason.

its chill

one time i was telling my parents about isabel blue's blog

and she was there
and she said
"what if your parents find your porn blog?"

and i said "i dont have a porn blog"

i would argue i still do not run a porn blog, because this is not a tumblr, and because only rarely are there even titties on this/these blogs

but i guess maybe this changes things. i wonder if more girls read this blog than boys? maybe,
if that is the case,
i should post more beef cake pics.

do you want beef cake? or do u want cheese cake?

what's your favorite part of someone else's body to see?

mine is the butt.

my new years resolution for the past 3 years (because i never go through with it) is to moon people/things more than i do.

andrew, what was yours?

what were yours, readers?


  1. more beef cake! dude york beef cake!

    does a porn blog have to be a tumblr? why can't you have a blogspot pornblog? if someone bought you the domain name what would you do with it? alternatively, if someone bought you, andrew, what would you do with it?

  2. i would start a porn blog. i dunno, carles made a big deal about porn tumblrs one time i think, that's the only reason i said that. u r totally right, nothing about that platform is better for porn than blogger.

    r u gunna get me that?!?!?!

    u knew!

  3. More cake, less beef! Cuz I'm vegan.
    And no more creepy shots of panties.

  4. OH! Also, arms. Arms are hot.

  5. peter mine was to 'become a better listener'/'talk less about myself'

    pretty sure I'm not doing well at this